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Why I am running to be your next Colorado State Representative in House District 21.  A few years ago, I took a Constitution Alive class through Patriot Academy. Through that class I began to see how far we have strayed from the form of government that our Founding Fathers put in place almost 250 years ago. When the average length of a national constitution in nations across the world is 17 years, it speaks to the brilliance of our Founding Fathers in setting up our form of government. 

I was privileged to meet Rick Green of Patriot Academy at a recent conference.  To learn more about our Constitution or Biblical Citizenship check for classes offered at:

As a conscientious voter, I trusted the people I voted for to stand and fight for those principles they indicated they stood for when running for office. As a Conservative Republican, I began to watch more closely how those we voted into office represented us once they took their elected position. I found that few stand on the values of the Republican Party even though they claim to be Republican.  I am running to stand for our conservative ideals. To uphold and vote our Republican platform, and actually bring real Republican representation to House District 21.


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